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4 Tips on paper storage

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4 Tips on paper storage

Qingdao Flourish Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd., as a professional paper packaging solution provider would like to share some useful tips on paper storage today.

Tip No.1, choose the suitable stacking method. To avoid paper deformation, the best paper rolls are suggested to be vertically stacked which can make full use of warehouse space. However, it would not be as convenient as horizontal stacking is in terms of checking the category, roll number and weight.Therefore the most suitable stacking method which is commonly adopted is still horizontal stacking. And to avoid paper deformation, the paper rolls should not be stacked too high.

Tip No. 2, keep away from moisture and sunrays exposure. Paper is featured with strong moisture absorption and gets deformed quite easily with moisture. Therefore, the warehouse should be dry and well ventilated. Besides, sunrays exposure put it under high risk of cracking and color fading. The windows of the warehouse should be set small and high. And the paper rolls should be stacked at least 25 mm high from the ground, and away from the wall. It is also important not to stock other chemicals or commodities full of water or grease in the warehouse together with paper rolls.

Tip No. 3, keep the warehouse at suitable temperature. Paper strength gets weak when the temperature goes above 38 ℃. It is suggested to keep it around 18-25 ℃ in the warehouse. While, it is also very important to keep the humidity of the warehouse to 60-70% to help with paper performance and quality. Especially in rainy days, the warehouse should be under high monitor of its ventilation management.

Tip No. 4, keep the paper rolls away from insects and dust. Paper is very vulnerable from insects and dust. Specific methods should be made to keep the paper rolls away from insects. At the same time, for the paper rolls stacked for long time, workers shall be instructed to do routine check to make sure no insect is attacking.

And a protecting cover to the surface should be placed to paper rolls left with loose paper in order to prevent dust or wind.

Frequent check and scientific management of paper rolls would help extend paper life. For more cooperation opportunities, for example, coated paper box, cardboard box, kraft paper box, and kraft paper bags, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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