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3 Principles of Designing Desirable Jewelry Boxes

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3 Principles of Designing Desirable Jewelry Boxes

There are many occasions that we might want to give away the gifts to others. And jewelry, for example, necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings would be a good choice for anniversary or your girlfriend’s birthday gifting giving. The jewelry boxes are helpful for gifting, promoting the image of the jewelry and for jewelry storage. To choose a suitable jewelry box can be icing on the cake. This article aims to help you choose and purchase the right and pleasant jewelry boxes by introducing some basic knowledge of jewelry boxes.

Subject to different specifications and shapes of the jewelries, the jewelry boxes can be different. For long items for example necklace, the rectangle jewelry boxes are needed; for small items for example the ring, the bangle, small sized round box or square box is required. 

The designing of jewelry boxes are supposed to meet the requirements of jewelry storage, transportation and wearing, taking into consideration of customers personal requests too. Thorough research on the market demand is quite necessary. The jewelry boxes are designed to be welcomed in the market because of high product value created from following the current market trend and meeting the requirements of customers. And typically there are 3 principles that can be adopted during jewelry box designing process.

Principle No. 1, the jewelry box and jewelry should match with each other. The jewelry is supposed to be nicely placed in the box rather than lying in the box twined together. The jewelry box should be working together with inner insert or hanger if necessary. And this tip should be warned to the customer buying jewelry boxes on this occasion.

Principle No.2, the jewelry box should be easily operated. To improve customer satisfaction, the box style should be convenient and practical for usage. In this way, the jewelry box is not only regarded as a gift packaging box, but also a gift storage box which makes it more useful and valuable to the customers.

Principle No. 3, the jewelry box should display the unique style of customers. Some customers may like big and shiny jewelry which requires aggressive designing of the jewelry boxes; while some customers like natural and low-keyed jewelry which requires natural jewelry boxes for example kraft paper jewelry box. 

All in all, jewelry box supplier should take customers requests and market trend very seriously and combine the factors into the box design to make desirable paper boxes.

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