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Flourish Packaging provides custom printed cosmetic box and ready-to-ship cosmetic box in many styles and sizes. The premium cosmetic box is nicely designed according to different styles of the cosmetic products, because our design team offer various options to meet your packaging needs and they devote their efforts to put your dream designs into real perfections with the solid belife that your cosmetic box will stand out from the crowds. No matter if you need the cosmetic box to package shampoo or makeup or skincare, you will find the right custom cosmetic box here. For instance, we have cream boxes, lotion boxes, foundation boxes, essential oil boxes, eyelash boxes, eyeliner boxes, eyeshadow boxes, lipstick boxes, mascara boxes, pressed powder box, hairspray boxes, perfume boxes, fragrance boxes, and nail polish boxes, which are quite popular cosmetic boxes ordered by our customers. As a factory based supplier, we offer competitive rate for the cosmetic box both for wholesale and retails. Drop us an email to get the latest rate for the cosmetic box.

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Address:No.601 Wuzhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
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