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Packaging and Printing Pollution and Its Solutions

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Every time packaging is mentioned, the first thing that comes into our mind is probably the printing. As an important beatifying method, printing is considered quite important in packaging field and in our daily life. Dazzling colors on the paper boxes and shopping bags are so easy to catch our eyes and so difficult for us to forget their brands. On the other hand, it is a common concern about packaging and printing pollution and how it should be dealt with. 

During each process of printing, the pollution is likely to happen, if improper operation is made, which would eventually lead to environment pollution, and damage our health. And there can be pollution in different forms, such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and waste pollution. For air pollution, the organic compounds emitted from solvent ink during drying process, hot melt adhesive used for wireless binding, and volatile gas of glazing paint are all harmful to our health. For water pollution, the inorganic substance such as corrosive liquid and electroplating waste liquid which contains heavy metals, waste liquid emitted from offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, and silk screen printing are the causes for water pollution and soil pollution. The noises from printing equipments, air compressors and all kinds of molding equipments would be the sources of noise pollution. Besides, the wastes generated from printing process such as damaged paper sheets, the leftover containers for inks, adhesives, varnishing oils would be the reason for waste pollution.

Green concepts should be highlighted during the designing process. Since the pollution is mainly produced in the factory, the green concepts should start there. Firstly, the pre-printing designing and image treatment should focus on green and environmental friendly concept. The designers should make full use of the color, pattern and glossiness of the paper material itself rather than making full printing designs to lower down the possibility of difficulty recycling. Secondly, during plate making process, computer direct plate making technology delivers the images and information after RIP through electric CTP which omits the film output in between, which reduces the discharge of waste liquid and the possibility of doing harm to our health. Thirdly, during printing process, the most harmful factor is solvent based ink, especially benzene solvent based ink which would damage the subcutaneous fat of human body and penetrate into the skin or blood vessels, making human health in danger. Luckily, digital printing could deliver the colors directly from the computer to the paper materials, without the help of film or plate making. It helps avoid serious of potential problems compared with traditional printing technology.

The UV varnishing is constantly applied to reduce air pollution and lower the possibility of fire disaster because of its limited contain of solvent and low emission of organic volatiles. Another way to reduce pollution is not to frequently do lamination since it’s in the way of recycling because of its plastic films which is difficult to be degraded.

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