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Why Should We Choose Sustainable Packaging?

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Sustainable packaging has become a global trend.

Why choose a more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging box method? These factors include natural environmental factors, consumer and political factors, as well as economic and corporate factors, which provide a strong momentum for the development of sustainable materials.

(1) Our planet needs sustainable packaging solutions.

Globally, according to statistics, 42% of plastics are used for packaging, most of which are only used for one-time use. Therefore, the problems caused by plastic pollution in the ecosystem are long-term and lasting.

(2) More and more countries and regions are implementing laws and regulations to reduce plastic packaging.

(3) Consumers are more inclined to sustainable packaging materials.

(4) The protective performance of sustainable packaging is good.

Paper may be the oldest packaging in the world. Together with materials such as metal and glass, it belongs to a type of packaging material before industrialization.

Paper is one of the world's recognized sustainable materials, which can meet almost all application methods of packaging in a box, even including cold chain packaging.

In many applications, the protective properties of paper are better than plastics, sometimes as high as 58%.

(5) E-commerce is developing rapidly on a global scale

(6) The company should improve the sustainability of its business model.

Based on global change factors, the increasing need for environmental protection actions, the rapidly growing e-commerce business’s demand for sustainable packaging, and the company’s need to achieve a win-win situation for economic profits and sustainable development goals, it can be said with certainty that in the near future, development More green, recyclable, and sustainable packaging box or bag materials will be the major trend in the development of the packaging industry.

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