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Reasons and Solutions for Excessive Opening of Paper Boxes

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Reasons and Solutions for Excessive Opening of Paper Boxes

It’s not rare to find paper boxes with excessive opening. And there are many reasons for the excessive opening. But mainly it is because of the paper materials and processing crafts. If proper methods are taken, this concern could be solved accordingly.

As we all know, most of the paper are purchased rolled into the mill. And some of the companies purchase paper right after the orders of the paper boxes are signed, which leaves no time for the rolled paper to get flat. In this case, buying flat paper would help reduce the excessive opening issue instead of buying rolled paper.

Besides, the water content of the paper material should be even, under balanced surrounding temperature and moisture. Should the cut paper stay as stock for long time, the water content would get uneven, leading to bending of the paper materials. Therefore, limited stock should be made. And it is suggested that the cut paper should be made use of in the same day to avoid deformation.

The processing crafts should be carefully handled to avoid the excessive opening as well. Crafts like UV printing, lamination, and varnishing could dehydrate the paper and get the customed boxes deformed after stretching. For example, if the 300g card paper gets laminated, the stretching could be more obvious, making it more obliged to bend. In this case, the bending should be corrected artificially. 

The die-cutting craft could also influence the opening. Artificial die-cutting is replaced by laser cutting because of its inaccurate handling. However, the laser cutting should also take into consideration of the paper weight, thickness and its depth to avoid the excessive opening. 

Moreover, the fiber direction should be emphasized. The fiber direction is almost the same in the paper market, which is the longitudinal direction. But in terms of the printing paper, sometimes, the box manufacturers would make use of the paper by arranging the paper in 2, 3 or 4. In a result, the paper direction may not stay longitudinal for each box. And it is easy to have the excessive opening issue in this way. Therefore, to avoid this problem, the manufacturers should take more factors into consideration not alone the cost but also the potential quality issue when producing the paper boxes.

So, to avoid the opening issue, paper materials should be purchased and stocked properly, and the processing crafts should be carried out with skills. The manufacturers should have the workers well trained to produce quality paper boxes.

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