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The Reasons and Solutions for Color Difference Offset Printing

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The Reasons and Solutions for Color Difference Offset Printing

Offset printing is still preferred among most of the printing and packaging products. Offset printing paper packaging products are exquisite for their good texture and colorful printing. The modern offset printing equipments improve color printing efficiency which is quite favorable in the printing and packaging market. It’s not rare to see offset printing products around us, for instance, we can find carton boxes, cardboard boxes, offset printing boxes, gift boxes and paper bags in our daily life. 

However, with its being so vulnerable to color difference, offset printing requires more skilled operation during printing. As a professional manufacturer, we have to be well aware of the reasons and solutions to solve the color difference issue of offset printing.

Paper material influences the color effect. The whiteness of the paper materials varies if the paper materials are separately procured at different time. Therefore, to have a consequent color effect, the procurement of the paper materials should be strictly controlled. The adsorptivity of paper materials makes the printing glossiness different by the properties, thickness, and evenness of the coating materials. And the adsorptivity difference would then lead to printing color difference. Therefore, the distinction of good coating materials, and the observation of paper adsorptivity and the ink application should be highly emphasized. 

The surface treatment of paper materials could also influence the printing effect. Lamination, UV printing, hot stamping, all these crafts could affect the color look in some way. While, the printing operation including the operation of drying density, moisture amount, printing speed and printing pressure could have a say on color difference as well. The drying density gets lower than wet density fresh from printing. The density of finished printing products and the approved sample should be the same. The amount of moisture solutions and the ink should be well balanced to avoid wet printing, poor printing or dirty finishing. The printing speed could make the printing products in different color shades. In this case, a stable and suitable printing speed should be set to avoid color difference caused by printing speed. And printing pressure as one of the conditions that can help ink transferred to the printing materials, could make color different if the pressure is not enough or not even. In this case, the printing surface, the printing pads, and pressure should be as even as possible. 

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