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Why Is The Color Box Packaging Market "Leading The Way"

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In the past 10 years, the global use of color packaging box has been increasing at a rate of 3%-6% every year. From the perspective of the demand of the entire international color box packaging industry, the growth rate of those high-demand international markets is gradually slowing down, but the market growth rate in China is rising rapidly, and color box packaging market can be described as "leading the way." , has become the market with the fastest rate of increase, and the rate of increase has reached 15% to 20%. This rate is exciting.


Why the color box packaging is so popular compared with ordinary packaging? Following are some reasons.

1. First of all, color box packaging is mostly personalized, flexible and changeable, and the design is close to product needs, which can quickly arouse people's visual senses, so that buyers and users can feel the product even before opening the box. The whole appearance, color and other details are well displayed.


2. The color box packaging is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing flow operations, which greatly improves the packaging production efficiency.


3. Our color box packaging material are usually plastic, cardboard and corrugated cardboard box. It has the characteristics of light weight, portability, wide range of raw materials, environmental protection and energy saving, and exquisite printing. Especially the paper packaging box is more and more popular.


4. The color box packaging materials have the advantages of high quality and low price, which can be folded and stacked to reduce warehouse pressure; light weight, convenient for transportation and loading and unloading, and also saves logistics and transportation costs.


5. The inside of the box is clean, strong, and tightly closed. Materials with better dust and moisture-proof functions can be selected, which will help protect the safety of the product.


color box packaging combines the current prevailing culture to convey the brand image and the concept of health and environmental protection in a more acceptable way. Therefore, it is loved by consumers.

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